Monday, March 1, 2010

The March Issue of Calamity's Corner - for Readers, Writers, and Movie Buffs at Leisure

March issue of Calamity's Corner you will find my feature, "The Internal Workings of the Illustrator's Imagination", by Dawn Phillips.

The March issue of Calamity's Corner introduces book reviewer LJ
Roberts' regular column. Welcome LJ, it's wonderful to have your

This month features American Dawn Phillips, the talented illustrator
whose children's books illustrations are delightful.

Australians:- Fantasy writer Rosalie Skinner takes us trekking in the
Snowy Mountains and Selena Hanet-Hutchins invites us to 'Edit in

The pet of the month is a Canadian sojourning in England :)

You're welcome to subscribe to her monthly newsletter at no cost by e-mailing her at

You will find something for everyone to nibble on, here.

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Selena said...

Hello Dawn, Thanks so much for the plug for Editing in Paradise. Every little bit counts :-) I've enjoyed checking out your books, too - especially The Mother's Spell by Maggie Pagratis. (Boy, that music makes it kind of a good way). Thanks for sharing your wares :-)

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