Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Oh Boy, Little Brother, You Endured a lot with Two Older Sisters!!"

Would you believe I've actually wrote a children's story??

"Roggie's Pet Froggie"

No, I'm not ready to share many details of the story, yet. But, rest assured it's full of laughter, adventure and action.

Here's a sneak peak of what the poor little brother has to endure with his older sisters. What little brother has not been forced to play dress up, especially, if your the only boy?

“Oh, No! It’s Friday night,” Roggie panicked, and it’s too late to hide. “Girls...girls...girls...I’m sick of girls!” All of his sister’s friends have arrived for a slumber party. Roggie dreaded Friday nights where his older sister and her friends dressed him in dresses, in hairpieces, and in lipstick.
As an Illustrator, I've captured the moment .

Do you have a story to tell? About, a younger brother or sister? I'd love to hear about it.


Nata Romeo ArtistaDonna said...

Hi Dawn, this is such a cute funny story!

terri.forehand said...

Cute illustration, and I can relate. My poor brother had four of us sisters to contend with, and yes, we did dress him up when he was too small to fight back. But watch out when he was older, cuz we couldn't make him do it then. Looking forward to reading your new book.


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