Monday, June 21, 2010

What R & D Children's Books has a Logo Design?

Time flies when your busy! There's so much news to share.

Yes, I've designed a "Business Logo" which captures my personality of being a kid at heart which includes a heart on my shirt. The Mickey Mouse Ears represent my love for Disney and dreams of one day my illustrations will be animated by Disney. A day without caffeine, yikes, so there's my cup of coffee steaming up the magic. Stars twinkle and shine my illustration services for Books, Covers and Logo Creations. - Believe in the magic of my creations.

What else is new? My website, it offers many more illustration services and options. Not to mention, an expanded art gallery, merchandise store, and reference page.

If I've provided you with a service, feel free to contact me with a reference.

Always love to hear your comments.

1 comment:

terri.forehand said...

Great logo, I love it. When I get my story perfect, maybe we can talk. I will definitely be recommending your site to others.
Good work and congratulations.

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