Saturday, November 27, 2010

ZAN-GAH Prehistoric Adventure Novels for Young Adults

ZAN-GAH captivates the means for survival as a significant way of life and prehistoric adventure. You’ll learn how survival is not limited to one type of individual and how it’s portrayed in ways not seen.

Author Allan Richard Shickman, does a remarkable job of explaining the dangers faced for survival amongst the clans, and as individuals.

You’ll learn of survival in such ways as; courage, bravery, food, shelter, love, groups (clans), fears, faith or spirits, mental state of mind, adaption and willingness to change. Do you see any similarities to the means of survival in today’s world? Of course, but I’ll let you read the book, and make those determinations.

I’ve great admiration for Zan-Gah’s character, who’s a boy faced with manhood. The adventure begins with his courage to face an enemy and bravery to live by spearing “The Lion”. But, with survival comes fears and he realized he hadn’t conquered his fears but they’ve taken revenge on him.

Zan-Gah’s unexplained disappearance of his “Twin Dael” or he referred to as his better self. Dael knew the world could be lovely but Zan-Gah could only vision nature as harsh and threatening and blamed himself. You’ll be interested in how the author defines the twin’s spirit(s). The search for answers as too where to find Dael will come fear. The author stimulates your fears with how Zan-Gah struggles with the land, the weather, the enemies and the fierce animals but it’s how he overcomes the struggles with him self which makes an impact.

You’ll be inspired like myself, by Zan-Gah’s speech to abandon hatreds and become a nation to stand against the Wasp clan to survive. Who’d believe a vow of friendship can be an effective way to survival.

”It will impact your thoughts of survival and build your confidence”- quotes Dawn Phillips, Illustrator and Inspired Author,

The Young Adult Novel has received the following honors; The Eric Hoffer Award Winner of Excellence in Independent Publishers, Book of the Year Award Finalist, and Mom's Choice Gold Award for Young Adult Series.

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I'm anxious to read the next sequel of the series, "ZAN-GAH and The Beautiful Country".

Thank You... Editor Bonnie Lenz

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