Friday, March 4, 2011

Announcing New Website and Illustrator Dawn Phillips 365 Tour

You're welcome to view the following at my "NEW WEBSITE".

* Profile of the Illustrator
* Art Gallery
Character Development
Dummy and Finished Story-boards
Realistic Illustrations
Whimsical/Cartoon Illustrations
Black/White and Line Art Illustrations
Free Coloring Pages

* Illustrator's Bookshelf ~ which includes the Children Book, Brief Summary, You Tube Book Trailers,
Interview the Author, and Available for Purchase.
* References from Publishers and Authors

365 Day Illustrator Tour - starts March 7th

What if you can chat on-line with an Illustrator?
What if you can enter contests, win free books, win coloring page downloads,
receive special book offers and so much more? Interested?

Join Illustrator Dawn Phillips on her “365 Day Tour” on Facebook as she shares an illustration and brief story every day with you.

Thank you, for your time and consideration!

Kind Regards,

Dawn Phillips


1 comment:

Accountant, Author & Freelance Writer said...

Wonderful blog :) I'm on the Writing & Publishing list and saw your post.

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