Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 43 Illustrator Tour with Dawn- Just Horsing Around on a Friday!

HORSING AROUND on a Friday, "Hat Occasions" Story Illustration Sketch. Does anyone recall the first horse to be animated into a cartoon? Well here's an interesting fact about the first cartoon released with a Horse.

Originally released in May 1942 (and there was a "Bundles For Bluejackets" campaign on "the home front" to send knitted clothing, cigarettes and the like to our Armed Forces at war). The horse was previously seen in Jones' "Porky's Prize Pony" and "Saddle Silly" (1941). "4-F" was the standard classification for those the Army rejected for service in World War II. But "44-F"? That obviously meant, "We DON'T want YOU, so SCRAM!!!".

A Chuck Jones cartoon by Warner Bros, with Mel Blanc providing the voices.

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