Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who put the FIRE OUT? DAY 49 - Illustrator Tour with Dawn Phillips

An illustration from "Hat Occasions" which will be available in November for Purchase as an E-book.

Who put the FIRE OUT? An extinguisher can't put out this FIRE but it's adorable to watch her try.

Did you catch the facial expression on the FIRE TRUCK? It's very slight but a personal touch which will not distract you from the visual point of view (Building Fire and the Girl wearing a Fire Hat).

It was exciting to experiment with many combination's of colors and utilizing the right amount of mixture of dark and light colors to balance the image.

Here's some "Fun Facts" to know. When you watch a Fire burning the following colors represent a certain chemical component.

Red Strontium Chloride
Orange Calcium Chloride (a bleaching powder)
Yellow Sodium Chloride (table salt)
or Sodium Carbonate

Honestly, I know very little about Chemistry and Science. So, if you're searching for additional information on Chloride do what I do Google it.

Remember October is also FIRE SAFETY Month.

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