Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 53 Pet Ducks +Spoiled = Act like Kids.

First Snow for Iowa in 2011, Photo by Roy O Phillips

How does this relate to illustrating? First, let me explain the story behind why Ducks act like kids. Never had pet ducks, Quakers (white duck) and Daffy (mallard), before but got attached thanks to my son. Yesterday, Quakers was getting feed and played with and Daffy decided to grab he's neck with his beck. So, he got gently smacked and he turned and grabbed my hair. But, then Quakers came to my defense and grabbed his tail. Finally, it came down to me grabbing Daffy's beck and scolding him for biting. Like a kid, he ran around in circles quacking (complaining) and ran to his kennel (bedroom) to pout.

Now, to find out the answer to how this relates to illustrating follow me into Day 54.

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