Monday, August 27, 2012

Ralph the Dragon Book Series -Alexis and Ralph the Dragon- New Look as an E-book

Ralph the Dragon Children’s Book Series: “Alexis and Ralph the Dragon” and “Ralph the Dragon Learns to Fly and Meets the Blue Butterfly!”

It’s not everyday a Little Boy learns he’s Flying Dragon.

The Ralph the Dragon Children’s Book Serie
s has you tugging at your heartstrings one moment and laughing out loud the next with richly imaginative writing style and tongue-in-cheek humor. The Ralph the Dragon Book Series is complete with quirky, whimsical yet loveable character driven Illustrations by Illustrator Dawn M Phillips.

Ralph the Dragon is left on a human couple’s doorstep as a baby dragon to be raised as little boy, but doesn’t know he’s a dragon until he meets other children. Befriended by a little girl “Alexis”, they discover acceptance, and learn to celebrate their differences and commonality.

– “Alexis and Ralph the Dragon” 

Author is seeking Agent Representation, if interested please contact Barney Kowalski.

Be sure to visit Ralph the Dragon Fan Page on Face Book.

Available for Purchase as an E-book for $2.99.
There's been some additional illustrations of Ralph the Dragon to enjoy with the story!!

It's an International Success in Numerous Languages!

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