Thursday, July 10, 2008

Writing and Illustrating Tip--Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan is Essential!
Applies to Writers and Illustrators.

You're welcome to view my Marketing Plan for R & D Children's Books. Notice how it's applies to you as a Writer and as an Illustrator. Keep in mind your Marketing Plan is never set in stone. You'll see how to maintain your own Marketing Plan.

Marketing Strategies
Establish conventional Distribution Wholesaler, Bookstores, Library channel to the
Bookstores accessible for purchasing books from
Establish creditability as a Writer for Children’s Books and Magazine Stories.
Attend SCBWI Workshops to gain knowledge from Editors and Publishers.
Participate in Critique Groups

Target Market
Identified Target Market Segments; Picture Books, Early Reader Books, Middle Reader
Books and Easy Reader Books. Secondary Target Market; Kids Reading Clubs, Library
Reading Groups and Online Educational Organizations.

Product Strategies
Continue to research current marketing trends.
Release one or two children’s books a year.
Gain Name Recognition as an Illustrator and Author.
Logo Design for R & D Children’s Books to be represented on Children’s Books.

Promotion Strategies
Exposure at National Book Expo.
Promote books with Online Kids Reading Clubs.
Telesession - Guest Speaker
Book Reviews from Kirkus, American Library Journal, Magazines, Newspapers and T.V.
Distribute; Post Cards and Fliers for New Releases and Upcoming Events, Book
Markers displaying book’s cover and purchasing information.
Ongoing Book Signing Events for Book Stores and Schools which include PTA Book
Revision to Business Cards
Every three months submit postcards with recent illustrations to Publishers to promote
Illustration Services.
Display Posters of Children’s Books
Contests and Drawings for Children’s Books

Marketing Objective Goals
Business Relationship with Small Publishers or Traditional Publishers
Achieve Writing Award(s) and Caldecott Award(s) as an Illustrator.
Agent Representation
Appreciate every short or long term goal achieved.
Share experiences and knowledge gained as an Author and Illustrator.

Marketing Strategies Achieved
Continuous expansion of Illustration Services Nationally and Internationally.
Creative Eye as an Illustrator and Writer Blog Spot
Business Website available via Google and Yahoo

Promotional Strategies Achieved
Member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, since 2007. member, since 2007.
Member of Coaches for The Working Writer’s, since 2008.
Interviewed as an Illustrator for the Stories for Children Magazine, April Issue 2008.
Network with Authors and Illustrators
Illustration Services promoted by maintained Art Gallery at
Belong to Yahoo Groups
Business Decals on vehicles
Product Strategies Achieved
Illustrated over 20 Children’s Magazine Stories.
Illustrated over 10 Children’s books for Self-Publishing Companies

Hopefully, you've gained new ideas based on my Marketing Plan.

Always have a category which reflects your achievements, no matter if it's a small achievement. Never run-out of Marketing Strategies. Why? You should continue to discover ways to market your book. For Instance, a new book being released may fall into another marketing niche you've not represented which brings new approaches. Also, you should never stop marketing a book no matter how old it maybe.

I would love to hear your comments or questions.


April Robins, Author said...

Dawn, these are wonderful marketing tips. There are a number of them that I would like more information on, such as "How to find Reading Clubs for children?" I would like to share your blog link with some of my friends if you don't mind.

terri.forehand said...

Dawn, great ideas and an important part of the writing and publishing process. Thanks for the model. It gives me more ideas to work on for my own marketing plan.

Great blog.


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