Friday, August 1, 2008

You Tube Video Trailers Inspire Reading

Do "You Tube Video Trailers" inspire children to read a book?
by Dawn Phillips

Yes, today's children live in the world of technology advancements such as; gaming systems visual effects, the Internet, I-Pods, cell-phones and Digital T.V..
Technological advancements are wonderful, but Teachers and Parents are challenged to discover new ways to inspire their children to read.
The Book Market Industry has started to take notice of this concern. "You Tube" has been considered one of the best technological advancements on-line to reach millions of viewers.
It's a simple process to load video trailers of your book on-line at no cost. Sure! Expect to invest hours of your time to format the layout, decide on pages, music or sound effects, and whether or not to read the highlights of the story or provide the words. If it's done right, you could expect the child to be amazed and eager to read the book.
Of course, you should still be concerned about how the child accesses "You Tube". It requires parental control. Not all of the "You Tube Video Trailers" are kid friendly. There should be some careful planning of the location.
Recommendations for the ideal location of your "You Tube Video Trailer"; own website, jacket flap, library and teacher connections, and kid protected location on "You Tube".
Coming Soon! "You Tube Video Trailers" for R & D Children's Books. I'll be happy to make the announcement once the book project is completed. This will become an additional service provided to those of interest at a later date.


Carma's Window said...

Dawn you have touched on an important part of accessing video trailers. I had not thought about that. Parental control will also help the kids to focus on a particular book and not get distracted to other "unfriendly to kids" videos.


Donna McDine ~ Children's Author said...

Dawn...very good point. I know a fellow author who does amazing book trailers, but I would find for myself that it would take too mcuh time away from my writing.

Warm regards,
Donna McDine

Donna McDine ~ Children's Author said...

Dawn...I am so impressed by your info that you provide us...keep up the great work.

I have given you the Brilliant Weblog Award. Go to my blog to pick it up.

Warm regards,

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