Sunday, March 1, 2009

Learning the Ropes of Publishing with Author Doris Sweeney

Doris discovered what she didn't learn in grade school wouldn't discourage her from what she would learn from her journey as a writer.

Doris's journey as a writer began as a child inspired to write, the journey continued through junior High School, and Creative Writing courses at the College Level under Lucille Clifton.

Doris even has a few poems "created" as the "muse hit me" on napkins and other assorted kinds of papers.

Doris's children and experiences of teaching at the elementary school inspired her to write children's books.

As a child, Doris wrote poetry, but wrote "Teddy", in the early 1990's and tucked him away since, there wasn't any offers of publication from "traditional" publishers.

A few years later, Doris discovered the world of Self- Publishing and had the additional finances to pursue it. She brought "Teddy" out of hiding. The sight of "Teddy" in print for the first time, even though, it wasn't the final version, was such a rewarding part of self-publishing for Doris.

The "reward" came with "challenges". Doris dealt with communication barriers with the publisher. It's a very long and complicated process to get published but this will not stop her from publishing again. Doris still plans to learn the ropes of publishing while also finding the time to write.

Doris's published books are available for purchase at Xlibris Publishing; "The Life and Times of Teddy, the Bear: II (title not finalized) and "The Alliterative Alphabet" (still in the works and almost ready to be illustrated).

Doris enjoys the following "Hobbies" in her spare time, photography, cooking, writing, and traveling. Favorite Books of Doris consist of multiple genres, "The Giving Tree," "Where the sidewalk ends," "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," "The Biology of Success," anything Seuss, and anything Sci-Fi- - especially the 2001 books.


Tim Greaton said...

Hi, Dawn: Nice job on the blog. A couple of editing points. In your title you have spelled YOUR WELCOME and it should be YOU'RE WELCOME. To the left you write ALSO, BEEN (which could be stylistically correct) and should technically be ALSO, I'VE BEEN...

Hope it helps. Again, great job.

Have a wonderful upcoming week and best of luck on the books.

Tim Greaton

Kim Kasch said...

Love your art.

Donna M. McDine said...

Inspiring story...thanks for sharing!

Best wishes,
Donna McDine

terri.forehand said...

Great post, I love to read about other writers and how they got started. Thanks for keeping new writers inspired.


Deb Hockenberry said...

I love your blog! You are an illustrator turned children's author? I'll be back 'cause maybe I'll learn something from you! I'm an aspiring children's author.
Deb :-)

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