Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April's Featured Interview with Michelle Nelson

This month's featured interview with Michelle Nelson will put you into a tailspin. How did she go from writing on a park bench to Scandal Reporters, and publishing her first children's book, "Curly Top"?

Michelle has always maintained a journal but back then it wasn't called a "Journal" (lol). She would rather sit on a park bench and write then play with friends.

Who would have thought her days on the park bench would turn her focus to Scandal Reporters. But it did, after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. What Michelle remembered the most about the scandal was how the Pope was in Cuba, and so were all the Reporters. What an historical moment in time! Word spread fast about Monica, and the Pope was left alone, as fast as you could turn a page. All the Reporters fled back to the United States to cover the Monica Story. She felt so let down, and dejected by the Presidential Scandal to the point she could not work within this environment. At this point, she decided to work in the corporate world.

Education has been extremely important to Michelle. She has achieved a BA in Journalism. With her passion to learn more about dialogues, mix of ideas, and perspectives she wrote a few chapters for her novel. They were so well received, she received a standing ovation in an English College course, and was overwhelmed with written and verbal feedback from 13 Students and the Instructor of the writing course in New York. The Instructor prodded the class to offer at least one critical critique and yet, no one could. Her Instructor felt her work was superb!

With so much left unknown, Michelle has decided to pursue a Master's Degree in Risk Management with emphasis on Business.

As a Grandmother, Michelle was inspired by her granddaughter to write her first children's book, "Curly Top". Her granddaughter has curly hair and really h-a-t-e-s it! One day, her granddaughter watched as Michelle gave her daughter, who has kinky hair, a perm. Her granddaughter saw the hairstyle of the model on the box and went into a tailspin. She wanted her hair to look just like it! This went on for months. Finally, one day, she had a meltdown which was caught on tape by Michelle, as she cried and went to everyone in the house individually! She told the same story over and over with tears. Right then, Michelle knew she had to stop her "Great American Novel" and write about what she'd witnessed.

Michelle found the most challenging part of her book being published was finding an Illustrator who gets her idea. The reward of the final product was well worth it!

"Curly Top," can be purchased at her website www.houseofwalkerpublishing.com and www.lightningsource.com. Michelle plans to publish another children's book this year, "I'm Tellin Nana".

Michelle is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators and New York Center for Independent Publishing.

Here's the inside scoop on Michelle. When she's engrossed in a project, and feels in the zone or like the most powerful story ever is about to spew itself onto blank pages. She has to take a shower! For some reason, water solidifies those words and then she's able to put it on paper. You'd have to wonder how many showers she may take in a day sometimes.

When Michelle is not in the shower, she enjoys singing, writing, reading, walking, and swimming (although I can't swim!). Here is one of Michelle's favorite books "I know why the Caged Birds Sing, Eat, Pray, and Love."

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terri.forehand said...

Great interview and interesting information. I find that my grandchildren are great inspiration for ideas as well. Glad to meet Doris on the page of your blog.


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