Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Oh No, Glasses for Me?"

I've had the privilege to work with Author Kaleena Ma on "Glasses for Me?, Oh, No!". At this time, I'd love to share with you, my readers, another side of Kaleena, such as her interests and experiences.

Kaleena Ma was an Anthropology Major from Franklin and Marshall College, in Lancaster, PA. During this time, Kaleena took an undergraduate level "Creative Writing Course" which resulted in a life long passion to write.

Kaleena was inspired by her favorite author's work, "Lord of the Rings".
She even became part of the "Lord of the Rings" community online. Where Kaleena contributed fictional stories, as she meet friends in the venue who shared the same passion for everything about the "Lord of the Rings."
If asked, Kaleena would consider herself a "Hobbit Character". She believes they may be small yet courageous, and they have such a big heart. You can't judge anyone by how they look and it's demonstrated by what the hobbits did to change and save Middle-Earth in "Tolkien's Lord of the Rings".

The reason behind her decision to write the children's book, "Glasses for Me? Oh, No!", was she recognized a need to keep her customers entertained as they wait for the Optometrist at the Optical Store. Also, to provide a children's book which addresses the concerns of kids such as; their first pair of glasses and why it's necessary to wear glasses.

Kaleena enjoys to write, read, spend time with family, music and sports. Her favorite book of all time, "The Lord of the Rings".

"Glasses for Me? Oh, No!", was Kaleena's first children's book to be published. She was most challenged by the publishing process and how slight errors can set you back in cost. She was rewarded by the outcome of her byline and available for purchase worldwide.

"Glasses for Me? Oh, No!", it's available for purchase at,, and today.

Be sure to visit her You Tube Book Trailer, located in the Video Bar on the side.


Karen said...

Hi Dawn,

I just happened upon Jacketflap the other day, while looking for jobs online. It looks like I could really learn alot from it. Thanks for your note! Good luck with your illustrating and writing.

Margot Finke said...

Karleena, congrats on having your book published - I knew the title was familiar when I first saw it - then I saw your name. Great going Dawn. This is a book that will be mot helpful and encouraging to young girls. Boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses!!

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Kaleena said...

Thanks so much Margot-- thanks for your help in editing it! =)

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