Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Exciting Moments of Author Bernard Kowalski

Bernard Kowalski is
a Stockbroker as well as an Author.
He's blessed with two wonderful children Robert who is 36 years.

Alexis who is now 26 years old and about to have a baby of her own. He's anxious for the arrival of his first grandchild. Alexis was born in the Virgin Islands where her mother and I owned a restaurant/nightclub.

Bernard always did well in English. As a teenager, he always wrote stories. His moment arrived for him to shine, when one of his stories was published, in a School Magazine. Another was the birth of his son.

His daughter Alexis inspired him to write children's books. She literally started reading at the age of three years old. When they ran out of books to read around the house Bernard would create stories of his own. His stories would make her laugh and have a positive impact.

What's funny about "Alexis and Ralph the Dragon", is he wrote the children's book 23 years ago. It was typed on an old Underwood Typewriter his grandfather left him. He believed it had merit and submitted it to Publishers. Unfortunately, it got rejected. So, it went back into a shoe box and every few years he would resubmit the story. A year ago, Bernard submitted the story via Internet and got more rejections. Then he found Dawn Phillips, an illustrator, and she believed it provided a unique creative twinkle. At last, the illustrations and the story came together and the children's book was accepted by Publishamerica.

Bernard finds his best writing moments to be around an audience or a child. He tends to create a story for them on the spot. If it's received well and he gets a laugh out, then he commits the story to paper.

Bernard has really come to love the big So much he views himself as the animated character, "Ralph the Dragon".

He finds the acceptance by a Publisher to be his challenge. It took several years for his story to be accepted. He encourages everyone to "NOT GIVE UP".

He believes the reward is the outcome of the book in print for everyone to read all over the world. Also, to see how Dawn Phillips brought the illustrations to life.

Bernard's next children's book will be "Alexis and Ralph the Dragon Meet the Boy Who Ate Spaghetti".

Be sure to visit Bernard at Myspace, Jasonsnetwork, and Facebook.

When he's not at work or writing Bernard loves to meditate on the beach, read a lot of Wayne Dyer and Chopra, and of course Dr. Seuss.

"Alexis and Ralph the Dragon", his first children's book published.
Available for purchase at Publishamerica, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Borders.
Bernard would be happy to sign every one.

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Kim Kasch said...

Great post Dawn. Thanks for sharing.

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