Friday, June 12, 2009

Alexis and Ralph the Dragon...The # 1 Children's Book of 2009

From first time Published Author....Barney Kowalski.
This new released children's book is an adorable story of a baby dragon left on a human couple's doorstep.Raised as a little boy ,Ralph doesn't know he's a Dragon until he meets other children.Befriended by a little girl "Alexis" ,they discover Acceptance ,and learn to celebrate their differences and how much they have in common.

Written in language for young children,Ralph has a tongue-in-cheek humor that the adult that reads to them will get a few chuckles .

I wrote this book ,Dawn Phillips did the eye-popping illustration and the publisher is Publishamerica.

Available for Purchase at Amazon Bookstore.

Thank You For Your Support ,
Barney Kowalski

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